Marguerite Thompson Zorach sitting in a rickshaw
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

Saved, by the Rickshaw

We are in the height of dance competition season. While that can mean fun times with our teammates and lots of opportunities to perform publically; it also can mean STRESS! Now that I have two competitive dancers in this house, the possibility for stressful things to happen has doubled. The first competition of the season,…

My oldest daughter got brave and helped me grab a photo of teeth she is sure are hers - she is the only child to have a silver baby tooth. She told me she would in no way ever want to see or touch them again.

What do you do with baby teeth?

The other day I caught the kids snooping. They found a box full of memorabilia and were having a fun time going through it. It included items such as the hospital bracelets that no longer would fit around their arms and old birth announcements. They all agreed that the note I wrote to their dad…


A Letter to my Mother

Dearest Mom, It’s been almost two years now that you have been gone.  Tonight your granddaughter did something that reminded me of you. She is you mom, your best parts all wrapped up into one girl. And I thought about that and burst out crying while running some errands.  Grief is hard. It makes no…