It takes less time to do thing right than it does to explain why you did it wrong.

The obligatory tired face photo

its so hot!

My sister and I spent the Summer of 1997 in Beijing, China. On August 27, in the middle of a place my seventh-grade-self identified as “The Giant Bell Temple,” we decided we had finally had enough. And so, the “tired face photo” was born.

The back of this photo actually says “it’s so hot!!!!!” which is, I’m sure, what we were saying. But forever after my sister and I have referred to this moment, and this photo, as “tired face.” I’m sure you can guess the moments in which this photo is appropriate: long days, warm temperatures, exasperating situations, hours of walking.

a long day at the museum

Soon to be engaged Mr. and Mrs. Tired Face

Here is one of the first tired face photos my husband and I took together. This would be December of 2003, in Paris. We weren’t married yet, although I was convinced we would get engaged on this trip. We didn’t. This photo was taken after a long day of museum visits with my sister and my dad.

This tired face photo is my sister and I in Chicago last June. We had just walked around neighborhoods of Frank Loyd Wright homes in Oak Park. I was three months pregnant.

We had just fed a squirrel kettle corn. Somehow that made us more tired.

We had just fed a squirrel kettle corn. Somehow that made us more tired.

I could do this all day. But you get the idea.

The tired face photo is an achievement, a marker that you have struggled though a difficult but rewarding time. It is a trophy.

I have never been more tired – exhausted even – than I am now. Being a parent has been the best adventure I’ve been on yet. And I am definitely getting less sleep than ever before. It amazes me that we’ve made it five whole months with everyone in tact and relatively happy. I could take a tired face photo every day. But now that this is the new normal, it just doesn’t seem right. Soon though, I’m going to try to get one with Remy. My brain hurts thinking of the ways we could up the ante this summer. Zoo adventures! Mountain hiking! Teething!