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My Two Year Old in Public…Sometimes Scary

Eydan and his bag o' loot

It’s that time of year again…the Colorado Farm Show is in town! I know some people might not get as excited as I do (like my husband) about this, but it makes me a little reminiscent of when I was a little girl.  The farm show was SUCH a big deal, that my brothers and I used to get taken out of school early to go walk around.  We would get our bags of popcorn, key chains, pens, pencils, erasers (oh, my!), and our yard stick. Every year….a yard stick.  We had so many yard sticks around the house we could probably measure a football field and never have to reuse one! Not to mention, they made great walking sticks, pretend cow herder thingies, and batons.  And yes, every year it’s pretty much the same thing, but I  still love it.  It’s a farm kids best day of the year.

Anyway, while my older two were in school yesterday I decided to take Eydan.  No, this wasn’t his first time going, but it was his first time not being confined to a stroller the entire time.  Oh boy…half way through I was (secretly) wishing that he was in a stroller.

Let me give you a little picture if you’ve never been there.  I believe there are 3 large buildings that are filled wall to wall with vendors who are promoting their business and farm equipment.   On their tables they typically have brochures, candy, give-aways and some might have decorations.  It’s kind of like trick-or-treating for kids….and moreover, the adults.

It took Eydan a while to get used to walking up to a table and being able to just stick his hand in the candy jar or grab the free flashlight and put it in his bag.  Yeah, this is NOTHING like the grocery store when I’m constantly saying, “Eydan, no.  Put that back.  DON’T TOUCH!”  I had to help him out at the first few tables…assuring him that it was ok to grab the candy.  After that, he became a pro. Wearing his free re-usable bag around his neck for easy accessibility.


We came to a table that was decorated with lots and lots of fake vegetables. Well, although I was quite proud of Eydan for going to the fake carrot instead of the sucker…that wasn’t a give-away.  We searched his bag for the carrot that he swiped and he was a little upset.  As I put it back on the table, he quickly grabbed it again and tried to take a big bite out of it, almost as if to say Eydan Was Here…then gently set it on the table , grabbed the grape sucker and moved onto the next victim (I mean table).

Off to the next building.  As I look ahead, I see an old farmer holding the door open for us.  That’s another thing I love about the farm show…I just love seeing all of the farmers standing around talking with each other.   Anyway, Eydan walked to the trashcan that was behind the door that was being held open for us.  So, he was behind this old farmer.  As I’m waiting for him to come out from behind the man, I see his little hand reach up and pat the farmers butt. I go to grab his hand and he says, “Oh, cute butt!” in his cute little voice.  Seriously, as I’m thinking about it, it’s like it is playing in slow motion. I’m pretty sure that the farmer was hard of hearing (or at least I hope he was) because he didn’t even bat an eye at Eydan’s comment, or even the pat on his butt.  So, thank goodness all of those years on the tractor gave him a numb butt and tractor ear. It was at this moment that I was wishing I had a stroller for Eydan…or maybe even just a straight jacket.

Although I was a little embarrassed at times, Eydan had the time of his life.  Where else can a kid go (other than a farm) and climb on tractors and pretend to drive them, all while eating suckers and popcorn.  I picked up the other two from school and I felt so guilty that they didn’t get a bag of awesome free stuff.  So, we headed back in to re-live it all over again.  Luckily, the 2nd time through there was no spilled popcorn, butt pats or eating of fake carrots.

Until next year…or at least our next outing.