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A Post Where I Brag About How Boring and Well-Rested I am (Kidding! Kind-of.)

While the kiddos were away I was able to appreciate some their artwork. This might be my favorite picture of me ever.

Just sent the kiddos off to school for the first time in 2014…

This break was a little different for all of us in that my girls spent pretty much the whole time visiting their dad in another state, and I, for the first time ever, had an extended period of time to myself. It may have been my first chance to regroup in 10 years.

I missed my girls, of course, and their welfare is paramount in my mind whether they’re with me physically or not (ah, the eternal tether of motherhood…), but with some exciting changes coming up this month I appreciated the opportunity to get my house in order without it constantly being sent into the beautiful, creative disarray that is life with my daughters.

I purposely left the two week span they were gone open. I had originally planned on attending a 10 day intensive mediation retreat during this time, until I realized cleaning out my closets, both literally and figuratively, was probably the best meditation for me at this point.

Here’s what I did with my “time off”:

Slept. A lot. 10 hours a night. It was AMAZING.

Drank good Pinot Noir (in moderation), almost every evening. This felt very grown up, quite civilized. I know what you’re thinking. No, I didn’t drink so much Pinot Noir that it caused me to sleep 10 hours a night. A general exhaustion that’s been brewing for a few years (at least) caused that…


Streamed Breaking Bad to see what all the fuss is about. So far I’ve made it through season 2. Yeah, I’m kind-of hooked, but more for Jesse Pinkman’s sake at this point. Walt White, you’re a little too dark for me…

Got the stomach flu. Slept for two days straight. (At this point, I switched from Pinot Noir to real Ginger Brew which by some small miracle, I happened to have in the house when the flu hit).

Cleaned out every closet, and the basement. This resulted in two full car loads going to Goodwill. I also figured out where the city dump is and took one car load there. This was quite exciting and somewhat intimidating. Also, my trip to the dump coincided with the hazy onset of the flu (“I feel weird, but I’m not getting sick. Right? Man, I feel kinda weird…”), so I’m not sure if I’ll ever be going to the dump again if I can help it.

(Anyway, it was pretty cathartic to go through all our stuff, look at where we’ve been, while making room for the places and stages we’re going to and going through.)

I read about a quarter of Lonesome Dove. Everyone says it’s really good. I’m not entirely convinced but I’m sticking with it.

Watched Heat. Again. De Niro (enough said).

Avoided social media. This was a wonderful gift I gave myself, I highly recommend it.

Looked at art books. This was notable in that it happened toward the end of the break when I was especially relaxed. I inherited some amazing art books from my mother and had only had a chance to look at them briefly as I cleaned out her house. Being relaxed enough to get lost in them for a few hours felt pretty luxurious.

When my girls came home to me on Friday morning they returned to a clean house and a calm mom. At their dad’s they got a lot of love, screen time and simple carbs, and were simply very busy, so, you know, Saturday involved a lot of chilling out and them being told that no, they can’t play with my phone or have any more cookies…

I was thankful for the break and did what I needed to do with it, and now I’m ever so thankful to have my girls home and heading into the new year with me.

Here’s to family, quiet time, sleep and clean closets. I wish you a peaceful and productive year!