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You’re Gonna Need a Knife


If you’re going to do much home cooking, you need to buy a decent knife.

And by knife, I mean a single chef’s knife at a store that sells lots of cooking tools and not one in a butcher block from a department store.

Yes, they are more expensive but you will not be sorry.

One of the biggest obstacles to cooking from scratch and eating healthy is time.  No matter how organized you are, it is still easier to have some else make your food for you.

However, when you have the correct tools, your job will be easier.

I’m not big on buying a bunch of stuff for your kitchen.  Things like food processors and mandolins are handy but they are expensive and take up space and you might not use them that much.  You will use a chef’s knife every day. They are meant to be all-purpose and will take care of all your chopping, slicing and dicing needs.

Buying a knife is kind of a personal thing.  You really need to hold them to make sure they feel comfortable for your hand.  You want to make sure that it feels balanced and isn’t blade or handle heavy.

There’s some other stuff you should consider regarding quality.

I have this knife.  It is a 7” Santoku Knife (which means that it has ridges that keep things from sticking to the blade) and I love it so much that I bought one each for my parents and in-laws.  It’s not the most expensive one in the store but it is good quality and they carry them at a store that liberally mails out 20% off coupons.

Unfortunately, just having the knife is only half the battle.  You have to know how to use it.  I got my knife training when I worked salad bar preparation in the food service at college.  Not glamorous, but it paid the bills and I received some life-long skills thanks to a few patient people who took the time to teach me.  Some cooking schools offer knife skills workshops, which would be fun; but if you lack time or money, watch some videos instead.