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Preschool Delusions

London Olympics Wrestling Women - the kind of girls who like to wrestle

London Olympics Wrestling Women – the wrestling kind of girls

I can always tell summer is over when the kids start turning up their noses at watermelon. And although the weather hasn’t cooled off yet, tomorrow is the first day of preschool for my littlest dude. I call him Little Dude, but really, this kid has big attitude.

I bathed him tonight, filled out the emergency contact forms and wrote the check, so I’m ready, but Little Dude had some serious questions for me about preschool.

“Do I have to use shampoo before I go?” YES

“Can I ride my scooter there?” YES

“Will there be snacks again this year? I like the snacks.” YES

“Can I ride my scooter home?” YES

“By myself?” NO

“But I know the way and where to turn?” STILL NO

“Can my teachers open the gate and walk me home?” SNICKER

“Yeah, they could come home with me and eat lunch with me.” GOOD IDEA

“And then we could wrestle.” SNORT

“Yeah, me and my teachers could wrestle in the living room!” DOUBLE SNORT

“Do you think my teachers like to wrestle?” NO

“Oh, are they those kind of girls?” WHAT KIND OF GIRLS

“No-wrestle kind of girls.” YES

“Oh, well I like them anyway.” GOOD, NOW IT IS SHAMPOO TIME

I should probably warn his teachers about this potential invitation, but I think I’ll just let the Little Dude handle it on his own.

Did your kiddos ask any crazy questions this year in their first-day jitters?